ce Porter

"Joyce's honest acting and true enthusiasm, on and off stage, was a vital part of the success of EverGreen Theatre Ensembles' production of Book of Days.  And, I am sure, someday, we will again work together again.  Strong Actress; good person."
Craig Berger, Artistic Director, EverGreen Theatre Ensemble

As an actor, I have worked with Joyce on several projects, including two feature films.  I am always thrilled when I show up on set and learn that she is also in my scene – she is truly a pro.  Always prepared, and just full of talent.

 Bruce Spielbauer

Besides being a joy to work with, Joyce is an energetic person and consummate performer, dedicated and passionate, enthusiastic, cheerful, and a pleasure to work with. She has incredible creative energies and a refreshing idealism. I highly recommend her for any role, big or small;  she will spread her excitement for the project and share her talents with others.   And knowing Joyce, she will not disappoint, and will surely exceed your expectations.
-Robert Cappelletto, director "Pickman's Muse"

"I  had the good fortune of working with Joyce Porter. Her part was the anchor for the entire story. Well, Joyce nailed it ! She also commanded the audience with her touching and spellbinding (dialogue free) ending of the movie. Joyce has great patience, understanding of the character and perfect diction. She worked wonderfully with the several child actors as well.
Thanks you so much Joyce. I could only hope to work with you again sometime soon !"
Frank Partipilo- Writer, Producer, Director "The Place"

Joyce Porter
(708) 075-9395
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